Can An Apple Peeler Peel Potatoes?

Can An Apple Peeler Peel Potatoes? [2023 Updated!]

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Both apples and potatoes are used quite a lot in our day to day lives and peeling them is one of the ways through which we can consume them.

Although, you can eat the outer layer of both the apple and potato, it’s better if you consume them after peeling.

For apples, there’s not much an issue to consume with the outer layer but when it comes to potato you need to make sure the skin is cleaned and no pesticides and harmful bacteria is present which is only possible when you boil them for a few minutes after properly washing them.

In this post, we’ll cover if an apple peeler can peel potatoes or not.

4 Best Apple Peelers To Peel Potatoes

Here we’re listing the apple peelers which are good to peel the potatoes. You might already have one but if you’re looking to get a new peeler go for the universal ones that can peel both the potatoes and apples:

Sythers 3-in-1 Apple/Potato Peeler Corer
Apple Peeler and Corer by Cucina Pro
This item Starfrit Rotato Express 2.0
Johnny Apple Peeler, Corer, Slicer

Can An Apple Peeler Peel Potatoes?

Absolutely, an apple peeler can peel potatoes. You just need to make sure that the potatoes you’ve got are plump from the outside and are not wrinkly.

Because there are potatoes which tend to get wrinkles on the skin and if these are the potatoes you’ll use in the apple peeler machine you’ll not get good results in fact, it can damage the normal functioning of your peeler machine.

Another thing that you’ve to make sure is that, the potatoes are well rounded. Preferably, try to match the potato you want to peel with shape of an apple to get better results.

One Thing To Note

The way you’ll get the potato after peeling it might not look good as compared to an apple. The reason? Because of all the bumpy shape a potato has. You will get a peeled potato but, it might still not be the way you’ve expected.

About 20% of the skin of the potato will still be on top of it. For most people it’s okay but, if you’re the one who thinks it’s not worth it than using an apple peeler to peel potatoes might not be a good idea.

You can better stick to the actual peelers like these which are specifically made for peeling potatoes.

Wrapping It Up

Apple peeler can certainly be able to peel the potatoes you just want to make sure of those two things we’ve discussed above in the post. And that’s:

  1. Potatoes are plump from the skin
  2. Potatoes are well rounded and similar in shape to that of an apple

Some people have now switched to potatoes that have a very thin layer of skin so they don’t really need to peel them off, but still some people peel them away anyway.