Can You Recycle Kids Plastic Bowls?

Can You Recycle Kids Plastic Bowls? [2023 Updated!]

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Plastic bowls are used for eating, serving and storing food items.

When you buy any plastic bowl it is important that you’re aware of the different types available, so that you know exactly what type of product you will be purchasing. It is also important to think about how many bowls you need to purchase for your home, especially if there are children around.

There are various types of plastic bowls available on the market today including disposable plastic bowls, microwave safe plastic bowls etc.

But are they’ll recyclable? In this post, we’ll talk about can you recycle kids plastic bowls?

Let’s find out!

Can You Recycle Kids Plastic Bowls?

You can recycle #6 plastic (polystyrene) in your curbside recycling program; however, for the #7 (polycarbonate) plastic some companies do recycle them but some don’t.

Talk to your curbside recycling program and see if they can accept #7 plastic.

This is because it is made with BPA most of the time, which can leach into the food of your child and can impact them.

The good news is that you can recycle the vast majority of #6 plastic bowls of your child.

3 Best Recyclable Kids Plastic Bowls

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Plaskidy Plastic Bowls Set of 12 Kids Bowls 24 Oz
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1.      Only Certain Type Of Plastics

The idea of recycling is to convert trash into useful products. This can be done through various processes, which are performed on either a small scale or an industrial scale.

Industrial recycling process involves large pieces of equipment capable of sorting and shredding waste on a larger scale. It also uses advanced processes to extract the maximum amount of material possible without damaging the quality of the product. The concept behind it is converting waste plastic into new plastic products that can be used for consumer goods.

But it’s really important to know not all plastic is of the same kind. Some plastics don’t get recycled or require heavy machinery to does that.

If your kids plastic bowls are made from the #6 plastic then it’s most likely will get accepted as recycling because #6 plastic is known as a good and recyclable plastic.

2.      Not BPA Free Ones

For many years, plastic manufacturers have claimed that BPA plastics are safe. But recent research suggests otherwise. And consumers are starting to realize that they can avoid toxic chemicals by choosing products labeled “BPA-Free” or “Bisphenol-A-Free.”

One of the biggest reasons for BPA’s popularity is its durability and heat resistance. It was even used in some baby bottles until recently, when controversy over its potential health hazards became too great to ignore.

So if your kid’s plastic bowls are not BPA-free it wouldn’t be able to qualify as recyclable.

One way to tell if your kid’s plastic bowls are BPA-free or not is looking at the transparency it contains. If the bowls are quite transparent then chances are it’s not BPA-free and can’t be used as a recyclable material.