How Can You Tell If Bread Is Fresh?

How Can You Tell If Bread Is Fresh? [2023 Updated!]

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Bread is a staple food in every household and it should be made fresh. It also plays an important role in our daily diet as it helps to make us healthy and fit.

However, the bread we get from the market or shops are mostly stale, which is not good for health as they contain added preservatives that cause harm to our body.

In order to avoid these harmful preservatives, you can try baking bread at home with your own hands.

But what if you have to buy the bread from the market no matter what? How can you tell if bread is fresh?

Let’s talk about on this topic.

How Can You Tell If Bread Is Fresh?

Let’s be honest – we all like fresh bread. Not only does it taste better, but it smells and looks better too.

But how can you tell if your loaf of bread is really as fresh as the store claims? Below are a few tips to determine if your bread is ready for consumption or not.

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1. Examine The Date On The Package

Most people don’t realize that fresh-baked bread has a shelf life, just like food that you eat at home. If your loaf came out of the oven earlier that day, then chances are it’s still fresh and you can consume it. However, if the bread is more than 18 hours and you’re still trying to eat it chances are it’ll not be fresh and you’ll not get a good experience eating it.

2. Colored Twist Ties

Most of the bread manufacturers use twist ties to indicate how much fresh the bread is. Why do they do this? It is simple: They want to tell their customers when they should eat their bread.

Remember these color codes to buy fresh bread every time you visit the grocery store:

  • Monday – blue
  • Tuesday – green
  • Thursday – red
  • Friday – white
  • Saturday – yellow

Note that the bread manufacturing process is skipped on Wednesday and Sundays if you only like to eat fresh bread miss those days and you’ll be good to go.

Here’s a quick example, if you want to buy a bread on Monday, you should see that the bread has been tied with the blue color to get the best possible experience for yourself and your family.

3. Press In Between Your Thumb And Fingers

When you press it, if the bread bounces back and is springy, then it’s fresh. This works on most types of bread such as whole wheat or multi grain, but it doesn’t work for white bread.

When you press your thumb into the middle of the slice of white bread and when you remove your fingers, the indentation remains in the same shape; this means that there is air in between the slices.

If you look closely at all-white sandwich loafs in supermarkets they usually have very small holes which allows air to be pumped in and make them look fluffy.

So how will you judge if the white bread is fresh or not? Simple, when you press the white bread and it feels satisfying and soft it’s fresh for sure.