Is Naan Bread Good For Weight Loss?

Is Naan Bread Good For Weight Loss? [2023 Updated!]

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Choosing the right food to eat is extremely important. Not only are you making sure that you are eating food that is good for your body, but you are also eating food that will help you reach your fitness goals.

In this post, we’ll talk about is naan bread good for weight loss?

Let’s find out!

Is Naan Bread Good For Weight Loss?

No, naan is not good for weight loss. Unless you are very active, you will gain weight if you eat naan frequently.

It actually depends on the amount of naan you eat. If you only eat naan once or twice a week, it is not problematic. But if you eat it frequently, than you might gain weight.

However, the advantage of eating naan is that it is also one of the most calorie-dense foods in the world, with just 100 grams of naan you’ll get 265 calories that is higher than most chocolate bars.

However, because of the fiber content is high they’ll definitely prevent you eat more because you’re full so a naan can and can’t make you lose weight depending on your strategy.

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1.      Better Than A Few Flatbreads

Flatbreads are amazing probably one of the most popular breads in the world.

We mean they are the perfect food for on the go or just to nibble on throughout the day. On the other side of the coin flatbreads are notorious for packing on the pounds.

Most flatbreads are made of wheat flour, which is high in calories, so it’s no surprise that flatbreads are known for their weight-gaining properties.

Now you might be thinking, “But I thought flatbreads were good for me?” Well, there is good news. Flatbreads are good for you, but only when they are made using the right stuff. If you are looking to cut down on fats and calories, then switching to naan bread is the best thing you can do.

Especially, naan which are made with veggies and a little flour.

2.      It Depends On The Naan Type

India and Pakistan is a land of numerous food varieties and it has a lot to offer to the world in terms of taste and variety.

Any Indian/Pakistani restaurant is a delight to the palate as it is filled with a range of delicious food items. Naan, a leavened flatbread, is one of the most popular breads.

It is a staple part of both the Indian and Pakistani diet as it is eaten with a variety of dishes. You can enjoy naan with a wide range of curries. Naan is made with refined flour and is high in calories, which might not be suitable for those looking to lose weight.

However, making naan strategically, with little flour and more veggies can give you better weight loss results.

Wrapping It Up

Naan can make you gain weight and lose weight at the same time. It all depends on the ingredients you’re adding while making the naan. A reasonable diet plan is a healthy diet plan.

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important that you find a reasonable diet plan that will help you lose weight.

In general, naan is a flatbread that’s been cooked in a clay oven. It’s a common food especially in India and Pakistan.

It’s made by mixing the dough and then kneading it. Then the dough is rolled out before it’s cooked in a high heat oven. Usually, a popular way of eating naan is to add a few dollops of ghee (clarified butter) and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Some people also add a few slices of paneer (cheese) or butter.