What Are Bread Clips Good For?

What Are Bread Clips Good For? [2023 Updated!]

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We have all had it happen to us, the dreaded loaf of bread that has sat on the counter too long. Whether you are making a sandwich or toast, unless you have some sort of clip, the bread will inevitably go stale.

Bread clips are so great because they keep your bread fresh for longer periods of time. Not only do these clips work really well with bagels and loaves of bread, but they also work on small things like pretzels or crackers as well!

In this post, we’ll talk deeply about what are bread clips good for?

Let’s get started!

What Are Bread Clips Good For?

Bread clips are adorable, practical and it’s a great way to keep your bread fresh for long. They also have a ton of uses you might not have considered.

Most people consider bread clips to be just for holding bread bags closed, but that’s just the beginning. Here are some other things you can do with them:

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#1 Key Ids

Use bread clips, the ones with a small hole in each end, to label your keys with marker.

The holes are close enough together that you can fit them over the top of your key and clip it down.

It’s also very easy to see which key is which when they are hanging from their dedicated bread clips. No more guessing!

#2 For Tape

The use of bread clips as a bookmark is an old trick that we found in the internet. It’s not new, but it’s very effective.

We love this life hack because it shows how with just a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can do things differently and save money at the same time. You wouldn’t think that something as mundane as a bread clip could be considered “life changing,” but when you think about how much money people spend on tape bookmarks every year (in the US alone), it becomes clear that there’s value in thinking outside of the box.

Use bread ties to bookmark your tape to quickly use it the next time.

#3 Labeling Power Cords

Bread clips are a simple and inexpensive way to label all of your electric cords.

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking for a power cord in a jumbled mess of cables. Bread-clip labels can be used to differentiate between various cords, especially if the colors have been worn off or become faded.

This is a common problem because most people use their computer or laptop on a daily basis, and only change out the cords when they break or need to be replaced. This means that any color coding will eventually wear off with age and regular use.

The best thing about bread clips is that they remain there forever.

#4 Keep Hair Ties Or Rubber Bands Together

No more searching for lost or missing hair ties or rubber bands. You can use a bread clip to keep your hair ties and rubber bands together in a baggie, drawer, wherever you choose.

Just open the bread clip and put multiple hair ties at the same time, then push down on the top of the bread clips to close it shut. This will keep your hair ties from getting tangled together inside that bag of yours.

Voila! Now you never have to worry about finding one of your favorite hair ties again!