Matte Paint For Kitchen Cabinets [3 Best Options]

Matte Paint For Kitchen Cabinets
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When you first decide to do a DIY kitchen remodel, you will first think of all the different options you have for paint styles.

There are the color paints, the metallic paints, even some paints that have a wood grain look. But, what about the paint that makes the paint look like a satin finish? It is called a semi-gloss finish, or more commonly referred to as a “matte” finish paint.

In this post, we’ll talk about matte paint for kitchen cabinets.

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Matte Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

In the present day, there are two major kinds of paint for kitchen cabinets, they are glossy and matte.

Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. When you decide which one to use in your kitchen, the first thing is to look at your kitchen size and how many people will use it.

If you have a big room in your kitchen, then it is good to choose a matte paint. A gloss paint is better when you have a small room and you prepare meals for few people.

Because the glossy paint make the small kitchen look bigger.

Matte paints are good for big rooms because they look premium and suit on a big area. But, you will need a lot of light to make your kitchen bright if you choose a matte paint finish.

Gloss paint brightens the kitchen and it makes your kitchen look bigger. Matte paint is perfect if you want to create a certain atmosphere in the kitchen. It is good for romantic kitchens and for kitchens in which you spend a lot of time in.

Generally Light Colors Are Better Like…

1.      Nuvo Coconut Espresso 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit

If you’re looking for a great matte cabinet paint, Nuvo Coconut Espresso is a great choice. It’s an affordable paint that’s available in many different sizes.

While the satin finish won’t hide imperfections as well as a matte finish, it does have a more luxurious look that some people prefer. If you’re looking for a durable paint that’s easy to clean, Nuvo Coconut Espresso is a great option.

The paint has a low sheen and a non-porous finish that makes it a lot easier to clean.

2.      Nuvo Driftwood 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit

Nuvo Driftwood 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit is loved by DIY enthusiasts for its versatility in transforming cabinets.

This finish gives off a wonderful luster that brings out the natural beauty of wood. It is best to use on wood furniture, but is also great for decorating metal items as well.

Comes in a variety of finishes. It is easy to apply with no special skills needed. This paint is ideal for both the novice and expert DIY enthusiast.

3.      Nuvo Titanium Infusion 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit

Nuvo Infusion Paint is a high-quality, 100% acrylic paint that’s perfect for a variety of different surfaces including wood and metal.

The paint is easy to apply with a great coverage so you can cover large areas easily. The paints have a buttery texture and are low-odor for more enjoyable painting experience. With this kit, you can create a professional finish on your cabinets in just one day!

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