Why Did My Can Opener Rust?

Why Did My Can Opener Rust? [2023 Updated!]

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The can opener is a simple utensil used to open cans. It is usually made of metal and consists of a handle with a cutting wheel at one end and an operation lever at the other end.

However, this cannot be used on all kinds of cans as it may damage some cans and make them unusable.

But that’s not the topic of our today’s post. In this post, we’ll talk about why did my can opener rust?

Let’s find out!

Why Did My Can Opener Rust?

The first thing you will want to do is find the reason why your can opener rusted. Is there too much moisture in your kitchen? Are there places for water to collect? Is it possible that someone has left the can opener out in the sink accidently and overnight, which would cause it to rust?

What are some of the steps that could have been avoided by you or another person in order for this to not happen again?

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1.      Not Maintained

Can openers are a very important tool in any kitchen. If you have not used a can opener for many years, it will need to be cleaned and oiled before reuse.

Most of the time, these can openers get rusty because they were not cleaned thoroughly or regularly.

You need to maintain it in order to avoid getting it rusty.

2.      No Cleaning After Using

If you’re going to use a can opener, it is critical that you clean the tool every time after using it. It’s not just to prevent rust from forming on the blades, but also because it could cause other problems in your kitchen.

Can openers should be cleaned right after using them so that they don’t get rusty or stained with food colorings. Leaving food colorings on a can opener may make it stain and become unusable over time.

Cleaning a can opener will keep its blade sharp and prevent bacteria from growing in your kitchen drawer where your tools are kept.

3.      Excessive Moisture

If your can opener gets wet too often, the rust will “wick” its way into the mechanism and ruin it. There are two things you can do to protect your can opener from moisture:

  • First, give it a good wipe with a dry cloth after washing. A water droplet on one of those little wheels is all it takes for rust to start forming.
  • Second, put some silica gel packets or desiccants if you have them lying around your drawer. These absorb moisture and help prevent corrosion.