At What Temperature Does Chocolate Burn?

At What Temperature Does Chocolate Burn? [2023 Updated!]

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Chocolate is a delicacy that is used in almost everything we consume. From sweet dishes, to food to drinks chocolate is almost the most favorite thing of everyone.

Once in a while when we try melting it, it somehow comes to mind about at what temperature does chocolate burn?

So in this post, we’ll discover that.

Burning Is Not The Same As Melting…

Melting the chocolate is the step before burning. You should take the chocolate out as soon as you see that it’s already prepared and ready to use as a topping on your favorite sweet dessert.

The moment you forget removing the chocolate from the stove the next step will be burning and you should try not to make it burn.

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Can You Tell When The Chocolate Is Melted?

The way you can check if the chocolate is totally melted is by stirring the spatula continuously inside the pot. That’s the best solution you can perform to avoid chocolate burning.

If you rely on the timer you can go wrong as the surrounding temperature matters a lot along with other things as well.

At What Temperature Does Chocolate Burn?

The most temperature chocolate can bear is 120°F OR 49°C. That’s the limit you should keep in mind. If the temperature rises more than that it will start to burn and you can smell it almost immediately.

If the temperature stays below the burning temperature that’s when the chocolate actually melt the best way possible but, please make sure to avoid reaching that temperature as sometimes the more you heat chocolate the more the taste will go away.

The Pot Matters

The Pot Matters

The type of pot you’re using for chocolate will matter as well. There are some pots that doesn’t really get heat up and maintain the temperature overall throughout every section of the pot.

Stainless steel pots are good in this case and doesn’t let the chocolate to burn that easily if put by mistake for a few more minutes.

Additions You Might Be Adding

The things you add while melting the chocolate can prevent burning. For instance, if you’ve added any sort of milk like powder or liquid milk it will change the burning temperature of the chocolate.

Liquid milk will always be advisable if you really have to add it. Powder milk will make the batter thicker which is not really a good choice.

Buttering Or Oiling Will Help

Buttering or oiling the pot is also a good idea to prevent chocolate to burn and sticks to the pot. Once the chocolate burns and stick on the pot it’ll be really hard to remove so it’s better to avoid before that happens.


Now we know at what temperature does chocolate burn? It’s better we remain in that temperature to avoid burning as it will make the taste bad and the whole dish can taste very bad due to it.

All your hardwork will become vein in just a few seconds although you might have tried your best but if chocolate was the actual and main ingredient for the dish you’re preparing that will be really hard to make it work and making it from scratch might be your only option to make it work.