Colander Vs Strainer

Colander Vs Strainer [2023 Updated!]

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You might be wondering the difference between the colander and strainer or can’t decide which one you need to get.

Typically, you should have both in your kitchen as they serve different purpose and should be kept after all.

But, for some reason if you’re considering just one at the moment or perhaps you’re low on a budget and want to know which one is better to get first then keep on reading.

Want A Mix Of Both?

Here are products which are combination of both the colander and strainer. Have a look:

Stainless Steel Colander With Handle and Legs
HÖLM 3-Piece Stainless Steel Mesh Micro-Perforated
LiveFresh Stainless Steel Micro-Perforated

Colander Vs Strainer

Here you’ll know the key differences between the colander and strainer:

1.      Strainer

·         Better Handling

The advantage of using strainer is that it’s really easy to handle and usually small in size perfect for managing couple ounces of lentils, rice, beans or any other grain based food.

·         Fine Mesh

It’s a fine mesh which can sometimes break although it rarely happens but can.

·         Saves Food

Because the mesh is pretty closely intact with not much space in between it’s perfect for saving food which can sometimes spill out of the colander during the usage.

·         Less Space Needed And It’s Flexible

Because it’s a mesh it’s flexible and you can store it in a much less space than it seems to consume.

·         Not Really Professional

Strainer doesn’t look professional so it’s recommended only for personal home use. If you’re a restaurant owner and are providing drinks like tea and coffee than you’ll need a strainer of small size like this one.


The best use of strainer is to clean grains, lentils, rice and such foods.

2.      Colander


·         To Make Something In Large Quantities

When you have to prepare food in large quantities and want to clean vegetables like lettuce leaves, cabbage leaves and so on than colander works really well. When you say “colander” we assume traditional looking colander just like this one.

·         Can Waste Food

As colander is not a fine mesh and there are quite large spaces in it. It’s really possible for the food to come out if they are like grains, rice, lentils and beans.

·         Not Flexible And Large Space Needed

Colander is about 3X the amount of the strainer or maybe even more depending on the size you’re using. And it’s not really flexible because they’re made from metals. Although, they don’t feel like it because they are made with lightweight metals like aluminum or stainless steel.

·         Look Professional And Of Better Quality

Colander looks shiny, much better in quality and professional. Usually you’ll see them in fine dine restaurants.


To manage large amount of lettuce leaves or to clean vegetables, cabbage and so on.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know the difference between the colander and strainer, make sure to get the one that can better serve your purpose.

Or better have both of them so you can get best of both the worlds.

There are times when you need colander more than anything else and there are times when you need strainer.