How To Keep Fruit Flies Out Of Kitchen Compost Bin?

How To Keep Fruit Flies Out Of Kitchen Compost Bin? [2023 Updated!]

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Compost bin is an essential item if you prefer organic eating or you know how dangerous methane gas can be for the environment which is produced by our leftover food.

The use of compost bin should be taught globally so the whole world can become a better and a much more greener place.

In this post we’ll going to talk about how to keep the fruit flies out of your kitchen compost bin.

So, let’s begin!

How To Keep Fruit Flies Out Of Kitchen Compost Bin?

There are various techniques that you can implement to avoid attracting fruit flies:

1)     Proper Placement (Net Room)

If you want to protect your compost bin and get rid of the flies around it that you face each and every day then you can consider placing your compost bin under a net camp.

This might be an additional cost but it’s totally worth it. A net size of 7 feet high and 7 feet tall is enough for you to manage your compost bin under.

This helps tremendously in keeping the fruit flies away while getting you a small space dedicated for your compost needs so you can manage everything compost related in the small net room.

Make sure, the net is breathable yet no fly can be able to enter through it.

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2)     Balancing

Many farmers have seen a great success rate when they tried using more brown compost as compared to the green.

It’s all about the combination. Flies are attracted when they sense a sweet scent. If you add more brown material it’ll help your compost to get rid of that sweet scent and because of that the flies will not be able to detect it ultimately getting rid of the fruit flies.

Is Fruit Trap Effective?

Fruit trap is effective temporarily. Let’s talk about the truth, you can’t completely remove the fruit flies by trapping them. They’ll keep coming. So it’s better you install a net around your compost bin or pick the right ratio every time you start your composting journey.

How To Compost Properly?

If you compost properly there’s a very rare chance that fruit flies are attracted to your bin even when it’s exposed under open air.

The key is to add more brown material as opposed to green. What the brown material does you might ask?

Well, the scent of the brown matter is bitter and that’s the reason fruit flies tend to stay away from such scents because they only like sweet fruity scents.

If you’re new to compost, one more thing is important to know is that, don’t compost meat, bones, fleas of the animals and dairy. All of these items are attracted to pest which negates the purpose what we want to do with our compost, if to grow high quality home-based plants and vegetables.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know about how to keep fruit flies out of kitchen compost bin. There are not much different set of techniques that you can apply but, certainty the two options given above are powerful and seem to work.