Is Eating Cornstarch Bad For You?

Is Eating Cornstarch Bad For You? [2023 Updated!]

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Cornstarch is something that’s used in many daily food items including:

  • Sauces
  • Soups
  • Custards
  • Fried coating
  • Substitute to eggs
  • Fluffy omelet
  • Crispy waffles
  • Stews

It’s very rare that you’re not exposed to this food item at least once a week especially if you’re fond of eating in restaurants.

The question arises is eating cornstarch bad for you or if it’s okay to consume once in a while. Let’ talk about in it detail…

3 Healthy Alternatives To Corn Starch

Here we’ve listed 3 healthy alternatives to cornstarch:

·         Wheat flour

Wheat flour is comparatively better than the cornstarch it’s one of the most nutrition dense food that you can enjoy even in soups and food where cornstarch is needed.

·         Rice flour

Rice flour is also good but if it’s brown rice with the bran with it than it become a much better choice in switching to rice flour. Otherwise, if you use only white rice flour than it’s still better than cornstarch however having a flour with the bran as well will make the choice much more appealing to switch to.

·         Potato starch

Potato starch is another good alternative to pick and it looks almost the same as the cornstarch itself. The good part about potato starch is that it doesn’t have much carbs and calories making it a good alternative in the eyes of weight conscious people.

Is Eating Cornstarch Bad For You?

Before we can answer this query we first need to understand what’s so bad about cornstarch?

1.      Calories

Cornstarch is quite high in calories making it an ingredient to stay away from for those looking to keep their weights in check.

2.      Carbs

Majority of our diet in this era composed mostly of carbohydrates. That’s not an issue but the real issue starts when we eat too much carbs and yet don’t do exercise.

However, in the world that we’re living in, carbs are not the type of food to go after. In fact, you need to stay away from it as much as you can to maintain a good functioning body and promote good brain and heart function.

3.      Less Nutrients

If we compare the equal amount of cornstarch with any other food item with the same calories than it’s found that it gives very less amount of nutritional benefits.

It’s not dense enough to provide health benefits.

4.      Blood Sugars

The corn itself is known to spike blood sugar levels and the same goes for cornstarch itself.

5.      Can Damage Heart Health

Some major medical websites claim that it can damage the heart health and because of that it should be consumed in moderation otherwise it can have adverse effects on human health.

Final Thoughts

Based on the points above cornstarch is a type of food that gives comparatively very less value and shouldn’t be consumed or if required, in very less amount.

Instead of cornstarch use other healthy alternatives provided above so you can get the same food experience and taste without compromising on anything.