Why Is My Whipping Cream Not Thickening?

Why Is My Whipping Cream Not Thickening? [2023 Updated!]

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White whipped cream or a big dollop of cream on a fruit or chocolate cake looks beautiful and makes a dessert a lot more delicious.

In this post, we’ll going to talk about why is my whipping cream not thickening?

Let’s get started!

Why Is My Whipping Cream Not Thickening?

Make sure your cream is fresh (check the use by date on the container) – if you are using cream that is too old then it will not whip or may even curdle when you add the sugar.

Cream also needs to be very cold so the butterfat doesn’t melt. Double cream also has more fat content so it won’t whip up as well if not cold enough.

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1.      Use Cold Cream

As you might have experienced, you can’t whip cream that is too hot or too cold.

You have to find the perfect temperature, which is cold but not completely cold, because whipping cream can’t be too cold. If your whipping cream is not thickening even after you have used the right ingredients, the temperature might be the reason.

The temperature of the cream is so essential because of the fat content of whipping cream.

2.      Cream Quality

Whipping cream is a great addition to any recipe, but only if it’s thick enough to hold up against the ingredients being incorporated into it.

If your cream is too thin, it will take longer to whip and you’ll have to use more of it to get the job done. Unfortunately, if you have more of it, it will take even more time to get the job done. This is a vicious circle of frustration, and one you can avoid by ensuring you have the right kind and best quality of whipping cream to begin with.

3.      Check Expiry

It is frustrating to know that whipped cream is not achieving its normal consistency. It is also disappointing to know that this type of whipping cream is not thickening.

Before you toss it, check the expiration date. Whipping cream has a shelf life of about three weeks, which means that it can separate or even curdle within that time frame only if you’ve already opened the packet before.

But, in general always look for expiry to begin with.

Wrapping It Up

So, here you go. 3 reasons why your whipping cream is not thickening. Make sure, you always check the above 3 mentioned points to ensure you’re on the right track or at least have identified the correct cause why your cream is not thickening.

Also, we always recommend starting out from the fresh cream instead of the one which you already used in the past and is in the packet to be used.

Remember the 3 rules for thickening. Cold, quality and expiry.

Without these 3 considerations you won’t be able to thicken any whipping cream on the planet.