How Bad Are Doritos For You?

How Bad Are Doritos For You? [2023 Updated!]

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Let’s be honest, we all love Doritos. They are quite different from the usual chips as they aren’t made out from potatoes.

Doritos are the chips made from corn.

In this post, we’ll talk about how Doritos are bad for you and under what conditions you should try to eliminate them completely.

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How Bad Are Doritos For You

How bad the Doritos are depends a lot on an individual person. If you’ve having good health for a good amount of years than eating Doritos are not much a problem. But still you have to know why they can be bad. So let’s talk about it.

1.      Reason #1: Corn­­

Corn in general is not very healthy to consume. In comparison to potato they have more carbs which means if you’re insulin resistant that can cause problem in your body and will lead to situations like diabetes.

2.      Reason #2: GMO­­­

Corn is said to be mostly GMO (genetically modified organisms). In short, this means the corn is not organic. So most of the corn chips like Doritos that we consume are not healthy because of this simple fact, they’re GMO.

3.      Reason #3: Teeth

Have you ever looked at your teeth after eating potato chips vs corn chips? Corn chips makes the teeth look way worse than the potato chips. They stick a lot on your teeth and are hard to get rid of it. You either have to leave them there for a few minutes until the corn peel itself.

Or better, brush your teeth afterwards.

­­­4.      Reason #4: Processed

It’s not just true about the Doritos. Every food item out there which is processed is likely to not help in your better health.

Unfortunately, Doritos are also one of the snack item which is processed and thus is not really beneficial to the health.

5.      Reason #5: Dead Food

Doritos are considered as the dead food. If the food is dead, how they can give you life? It’s not possible. One simplest way to determine if the food is dead or not is by the fact that every living food item will always rot. If something will not rot it’s probably not a good idea to consume it.

6.      Reason #6: Fat Content + Addiction + Calories

Doritos are very addictive and that’s not much of an issue but because they have quite a lot of fat content in them, Doritos are definitely not a good food item to consume.

A party pack of Doritos contains roughly 2,400 calories that’s a lot.

7.      Reason #7: Loaded With Sodium

High sodium diet is definitely you need to avoid. The health hazards comes with the high sodium diet is not fun to deal with. This kind of diet can get you:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Disease
  • Risk Of Stroke

Wrapping It Up

Now you know how bad are the Doritos for you. If you’ve a problem of insulin resistance, high blood pressure, have stroke in the past, and have been diagnosed with a heart problem than Doritos are the chips you definitely need to avoid.