Can I Drink Coke Zero While Fasting? [3 Factors]

Can I Drink Coke Zero While Fasting?
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Fasting has been part of the human tradition for centuries. People have fasted for religious and health reasons.

Fasting is a way to protest against certain diseases. There are many meanings of fasting, but the one that is known best is religious fasting. People fast for religious purpose.

The Muslim people fast during Ramadan, the Jewish people fast on Yom Kippur, and the Christians fast on Good Friday.

In this post, we’ll talk about can i drink coke zero while fasting?

Let’s find out!

Can I Drink Coke Zero While Fasting?

It’s a common misconception that drinking diet soda breaks the fast.

That’s because most people think that drinking anything, even water will break their fast. According to research, there is no issue with having zero or diet drinks when fasting.

So go ahead and enjoy your coke zero when fasting.

However, if you’re fasting for religious purposes it’s better to respect and don’t consume anything until the time calls.

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3 Juice Alternatives

1.      Coke Zero = Zero Calories

If you are on a diet, you would have heard of a fast. A fast is a period of time that a person chooses to abstain from a particular food or a particular food group.

One of the most popular fasts is called a water fast.

During this fast, a person drinks only water. However, a question that is often asked is whether or not you can break a water fast with coke zero or not.

Well, you can’t because zero coke is zero calories so you don’t have to worry about it.

2.      Anything But 0 Calories

Intermittent fasting is a diet plan that has you abstaining from food for a certain number of hours during the day and then having a window (typically six hours) in which you can eat whatever you want.

This is a little different from most diets, which usually have you eat a set number of calories per day, and the goal is to limit the amount of calories you consume.

In some ways, intermittent fasting is the opposite of calorie counting. While calorie counting requires you to count everything you eat, intermittent fasting gives you a set number of hours per day to eat whatever you want.

Fasting can always be broken eating foods other than 0 calories.

3.      But It’s Not Healthy Especially On An Empty Stomach

Drinking any type of coke is not a healthy option especially on an empty stomach. The dark side of drinking coke is not only the high amount of sugar in the drink but also the chemicals and additives that are added.

The sugar in coke is called high fructose corn syrup which makes up 39g in a can of coke.

This is the main reason why drinks such as coke and pepsi are bad for you. A can of coke contains approximately 12 teaspoons which is quite high.

This is why regular consumption of coke while fasting can lead to obesity and in some cases this can even lead to diabetes and tooth decay.

Along with upset stomach.

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