Why My Fried Garlic Is Bitter?

Why My Fried Garlic Is Bitter? [2023 Updated!]

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Fried food is tasty. It’s a fact. Fried food tastes good, and everyone loves it.

We all know that deep-fried foods are delicious, but they also have a negative connotation in our society.

We associate them with being unhealthy and bad for us, so we avoid eating fried foods at all costs.

However, the fact is that it really depends on what you’re frying. For example, garlic is a superfood and in this post, we’ll talk about why my fried garlic is bitter?

Let’s find out!

Why My Fried Garlic Is Bitter?

Some people think the way to reduce bitterness is to wear gloves when chopping garlic, or to wash hands before, or to rub them with salt before peeling the cloves.

The bitter part of garlic doesn’t come from the gloves, your hands, or the knife. It comes from compounds called diallyl disulfide is a chemical compound which gets released when you cut or crush garlic.

So, if you want to prevent this bitter taste, you can stop the garlic from releasing these nasty compounds by quickly frying the garlic.

Also, make sure you don’t overcook them because it’ll also contribute to its bitterness.

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1.      Diallyl Disulfide Is The Enemy

Garlic is a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals, but it also contains a compound called diallyl disulfide. This compound makes garlic taste bad or bitter.

There are ways to minimize the effect of diallyl disulfide. One way is to fry garlic immediately after peeling it off. This way the compound diallyl disulfide will not get time to become bitter left in the air and you can enjoy garlic with no bitter taste in it.

2.      Overcooked?

If you have ever encountered a bitter garlic, especially when you are using it as a seasoning, then the cause of this is the over-cooking of garlic.

In addition to cooking too much or frying too much, there are still other reasons for the bitterness of cooked garlic.

If you notice that your dish has become bitter even though it’s just been cooked for a short time, there might still be some factors causing it.

3.      Compensate It With Something Maybe Honey?

Garlic is good for health, but when the taste is bitter you’ll not be able to enjoy it even after knowing how beneficial they’re to your health.

But there’s a way you can enjoy the taste of this healthy food without letting its bitterness ruin your meal.

You just have to mix some honey with the garlic before eating it. The honey will make the taste of bitter garlic milder, and you won’t feel like you’re chewing something bad anymore!