Can You Change A Gas Stove To Electric?

Can You Change A Gas Stove To Electric? [2023 Updated!]

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Stove is an essential item that we use on a daily basis and multiple times a day.

For boiling, cooking or frying our foods stove is the only option left.

Because it’s one of the most important aspect of our kitchen, it should need optimum level of care as well.

Times are changing, especially in this era of 2021 people are not shifting to electric stoves as opposed to gas ones.

And that’s the topic of our today’s post as well:

Can you change a gas stove to electric?

Let’s find out if it’s possible and if so, how?

3 Best Electric Stove Options To Consider

These are the electrical stoves that we recommend (3rd one is the premium option) :

Cusimax Portable Electric Stove
Techwood 1800W Electric Hot Plate
Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove Induction

Can you change a gas stove to electric?

In short, yes. It’s indeed possible to convert a gas stove to an electrical one. These are the steps that you need to take to get the job done:

Step 0: Hire a professional to confirm if it’s actually possible in your case.

Step 1: Remove the gas stove along with the connections it has. Prior to this make sure you’ve switched the gas off from your main terminal point.

Step 2: Take calculations of how much electrical wire you’ll need because electric stoves run on 120 volts so you need to create a better plan before the execution part otherwise if things go wrong it’ll cost you more to get it fixed.

Step 3: Install the lines and connect wires from your main terminal to the stove being converted to electric fuel. Make sure you conceal all the wires where possible otherwise the whole kitchen look will be a mess and will not look good in terms of presentation and ambiance.

Step 4: Connect the electrical lines with the stove circuits. You really need a professional in this step because connecting electrical lines in a gas stove might require taking the knobs off.

A better approach

We recommend that you should get a new electric stove instead of changing the current stove to the electrical one. Why? Because, it’s much easier to setup a new stove than to make changes on the old stove which might worsen the condition and void your warranty as well if it’s still claimable.

Getting a new electric stove will also be great to enhance the look of your kitchen and you’ll be in a better peace of mind as opposed to converting the current as stove to electric.

Many things might o wrong in the conversion part and one really important one is changing the lines.

You need to hire a professional to completely stop the gas lines and make sure there’s leakage as well in the future.

After that the professional will install new electrical lines on the place of your old stove. This is also true if you’re getting a new electric stove anyways, but still comparatively you’ll be expecting much less complications and a complete peace of mind and also less charges from hiring a professional.

You can also sell your old gas stove on Craigslist as well.