Can You Wash Expert Grill Gloves?

Can You Wash Expert Grill Gloves? [2023 Updated!]

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A lot of people prefer to use grill gloves when handling hot grills. This is a good way of keeping your hands safe from burns and blisters.

A lot of times, people will use metal handled spatulas to transfer food from the grill or barbecue into a plate or pan. Grill gloves can be used in this case as well.

They are not only protective from the heat, but also help in preventing cuts and scrapes on your hand when handling raw meat.

In this post, we’ll talk about can you wash expert grill gloves?

Let’s find out!

Can You Wash Expert Grill Gloves?

Yes absolutely, you can wash expert grill gloves.

The expert grill glove are also machine washable. Make sure you wash them with warm water and good quality laundry detergent.

Below are some of the recommended laundry detergents that you can easily get from online.

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1.      Drop Them In Washing Machine

A pair of grill gloves is a great gift for any griller and they will surely appreciate it. But the problem with most models is that you can’t wash them in a better way or perhaps maybe we don’t know how to get it done?

You need to hand wash them or take them to a laundry service. That’s not practical at all and we’ve learned through experience that this simply doesn’t work well as expected.

That’s why dropping these expert grill gloves in the washing machine is the best possible way to get them clean and look like new again.

2.      Use Good Quality Detergent

Grill gloves have become a must have for barbeque lovers. They protect your hands from heat and get rid of the food grime easily. However, cleaning these gloves is a big issue for grillers.

The charcoal inside them sticks to the surface and doesn’t come out easily. You need soap or detergent to wash it properly, most people use any detergent they have in their house because it cleans well and is cheap as well.

However, if you do grilling a lot use a good quality detergent; you will get a clean grill glove with fewer stains on it if you get the best possible option from the above list that we’ve showcased.

3.      Run Machine For At Least 15 Minutes

We all love outdoor grilling, but we rarely give a thought to how many germs and bacteria our food might be exposed. Sadly, most of the people use filthy hands while grilling that increases the risk of diseases.

That’s where a pair of grill gloves can serve you a lot of purpose! Grill gloves are made up of heavy duty material which is very difficult for bacteria to penetrate. These gloves protect your hands from getting burned while handling hot utensils, and prevent meats from becoming contaminated with harmful substances on your hands. So, if you want to enjoy healthy barbeque with family get a pair of these grilling gloves and enjoy grilling.

However, make sure you regularly clean them and in the washing machine for at least 15 minutes and let it dry before you use.