Should You Put A Rug In The Kitchen?

Should You Put A Rug In The Kitchen? [2023 Updated!]

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Rug is one of those home décor items which are required at least once in the house.

It helps enhance the look of the house and can cover a good area as well. They’re perfect for matching purposes and to hide parts of the floors which you want hidden maybe because of the broken marble piece.

But, in this post we’ll talk about if rugs are good to install in the kitchen. Let’s talk about it…

Types Of Rugs Which Are Fine In The Kitchen

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Should You Put A Rug In The Kitchen?

There are various reasons as to why you should and shouldn’t use the rug in the kitchen and it all boils down to personal preferences.

Why You Should:

·         Weather

In extreme cold weather conditions these rugs can really help to keep your kitchen environment warm but that’s only when, when you prevent any liquid to get spilled on to the rug otherwise the evaporation happens afterwards can really defeat the whole purpose and make the condition actually opposite.

·         Slippery Floor

If your kitchen has tiles or marble like granite etc than the kitchen floor might be very slippery and thus it’s better that you have rug to avoid any issues.

·         Easy On Foot

Floor is hard and can cause damage to not only your foot but the brain as well because of the connection between the foot and the brain. That’s why it’s recommended that you’ve a rug specifically made to ease your foot. We’ll talk about some of the best options that you can consider below in this post. The 4th product is our favorite pick.

Why You Shouldn’t:

·         Kids

If you’ve small kids than it’s better you avoid having rug in your kitchen because they tend to mess a lot and spill fluid and food all over the place. Your rug can become dirty quickly if you’ve kids in your house.

·         Animals

If you’ve well-trained animals who can pee and poop on the spot that you’ve told them to, than having a rug is fine. But, in most cases avoid using the rugs if you’ve got the animals especially if you’ve got the pair because those animals will breed and the next generation that’ll come after that will do whatever they want on your kitchen rug especially in the first few months.

·         Mess

The best possible way to identify whether you’ll be needing the rug in the kitchen or not is by asking yourself a very basic question and that’s:

How big your kitchen is?

If your kitchen is quite big in size than in most cases it’s good to have a rug in a smaller section of your kitchen.

But if, your kitchen is small in size than the mess can happen quite a lot as water drops from the washed utensils can spill on your rug creating a mess.

Even if you’re extra cautious this will still happen and you need to wash your rug at least once per two weeks.

Of course, not all types of rugs are suitable in the kitchen. If you have to use, make sure you never get any rug which is quite soft and fluffy.

Also, it shouldn’t be of white color. The whiter the color is the quickest it’ll look dirty in a few days.