Filament Knife Block

Filament Knife Block [2023 Updated!]

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Your knife needs a proper storage space that’s not only enough but should be safe as well.

It the container in which you put your knife shouldn’t only protect the knife itself but that container too.

Most of the time it’s seen the knife cuts and make sctrates on the container since most of the knife contaxiners are made up of plastic.

In this post, we’ll talk about knife block/container which is made up of filament which is the way forward.

4 Best Filament Knife Block That You Can Get

1.      Mantello XL Universal Bamboo Wood Knife Block Storage Holder Organizer

In this knife block you can fit knives that in 8 inches in size. You can store the knives anywhere you wish in both the X or Y axis.

Premium quality bamboo is used and the container is more than enough to carry every size of knife.

2.      Universal Knife Block

This one comes in different color options to choose from including blue, green and the premium looking ones made from stainless steel.

3.      Bamboo Universal Knife Block

This knife container is quite organized because it’s divided in to 2 sections. One can carry small knives and the other one can carry knives that you’ll likely to use the most.

4.      KITCHENDAO XL Bamboo Universal Knife Block with Slots for Scissors and Sharpening Rod

This is our favorite product. Why?

Because the filament is beautifully placed with design pattern. It can handle many knives at the same time. Eco-friendly bamboo is used as the outer layer of the block.

Drain holes are given along with anti-slip rubber feet’s so the product stays intact in its position when it’s in use.

Why To Use It?

The advantage of using filament knife block over the regular ones is that they are very:

·         Convenient

Easy to manage and doesn’t require much time for you to become habitual. Even if you’re using big size knives it’s still something you should definitely consider especially if you’re considering to renovate your kitchen from scratch.

·         Easy To Use

Once you’re habitual of using this product than it’ll be really easy for you use it. Unlike regular containers, this will give you a much better hand memory so you can know exactly at what place you can expect a particular type of knife.

By using filament knife block you become much more productive simple because of this reason.

·         Easy To Clean

As the whole product is all filament based you can easily pull all the filaments out of the box and clean it that way.

Once you’re done cleaning you can thoroughly clean the box as well.

Wrapping It Up

Filament knife block is a great way if you want to improve culinary skills. Even if you’re just a regular person who invest good amount of time in your kitchen than we believe everyone should use filament knife blocks because it can greatly enhance your culinary skills.