can you use plastic lids for canning

Can You Use Plastic Lids For Canning? [2023 Updated!]

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When you’re cooking, it’s important to use lids on pots and pans. Lids help protect food from contaminants in the air and also help it cook more evenly. If you’re boiling water, for example, the lid will help keep the heat in and speed up the process. If you’re making soup or stew, a lid will prevent evaporation and keep the broth nice and thick.

Lids are also important for safety reasons. If a pot or pan starts to boil over, the lid will help contain the mess.

So next time you’re cooking, make sure to use lids on your pots and pans!

In this post, we’ll talk about can you use plastic lids for canning?

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Can You Use Plastic Lids For Canning?

There are a lot of myths floating around about canning. One of the most common is that you can’t use plastic lids for canning. This is not true! You can absolutely use plastic lids for canning. In fact, they work just as well as metal lids.

So why do people think you can’t use plastic lids for canning? The main reason is that most plastic lids are not designed to be used in a boiling water bath. However, there are a few brands of plastic lids that are specifically designed for boiling water bath canning. If you’re using one of these brands, then you CAN use them for canning.

If you’re not sure whether or not your lid is safe for boiling water bath canning, then just check the packaging or the manufacturer’s website to be sure.

3 Best Plastic Lids For Canning

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1.      BPA Free?

There are a lot of people who are asking if it is safe to use plastic lids for canning. The answer is yes, you can use them, but you need to make sure that they are BPA-free. BPA is a chemical that is found in some plastics, and it can be harmful to your health. So, when you are looking for plastic lids for canning, make sure that you find ones that are labeled as BPA-free.

Using plastic lids for canning does have some drawbacks. The first is that they may not create a tight seal on the jar. This could lead to food spoilage or even bacteria growth. Another downside is that the plastic may not be able to withstand the high temperatures of canning, which could cause it to melt or warp.

2.      Is Having A Metal Sheet Below The Plastic Better?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the use of plastic lids for canning. Some people say that you absolutely cannot use them, while others say that they are perfectly safe as long as you have a metal or aluminum sheet below them. The truth is that you can use plastic lids for canning, but it is much safer to use a metal or aluminum sheet below them.

The main reason why using a metal or aluminum sheet is better is because it helps to distribute the heat evenly. If you don’t use a metal or aluminum sheet, the plastic lid can get too hot and end up melting. This can cause contamination and spoil your food.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all plastic lids are created equal. Some are made with a higher quality of plastic and are more resistant to heat than others.

3.      Temperature Matters…

When you are canning, you want to make sure that the food is properly sealed and will not spoil. One way to do this is by using lids. There are different types of lids that you can use, but one of the most popular is the plastic lid. Plastic lids are a great option because they are less expensive than other types of lids and they are easier to use. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind when using them.

The first thing to remember is that the temperature matters. If you are canning in a hot climate, then aluminum lids are more preferred because they seal better at higher temperatures. If you are canning in a cooler climate, then plastic lids will work just fine.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all plastics are created equal.