Can You Use OxiClean On Microfiber Cloths?

Can You Use OxiClean On Microfiber Cloths? [2023 Updated!]

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OxiClean is a multi-cleaning powder that has over 101 uses. The way how OxiClean function is so great that even the most renowned cleaning brands use it as one of the most effective tool in cleaning of carpets and other things alike.

Carpet makes sense because it’s not that sensitive but when it comes to microfiber cloths most people ask if it’s compatible with it or not?

In this post, we’ll talk specifically about it.

Can You Use OxiClean On Microfiber Cloths?

In short, absolutely you can. In fact, the way it works great for carpet will work great for microfiber cloths as well. Just make sure you give enough time under the OxiClean solution and not to take out immediately.

As microfiber cloths tend to store dirt to its very core and thus it’s not that easy to take it out. The only way you can do is to let the microfiber cloth absorb as much of the solution as possible and after that clean it with the warm water.

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Warm Water

The warm water will help to remove the dirt, grease and solution from the microfiber cloth and making it look like it appeared the first time.

Don’t Use The Brush

If you use a brush regardless if it’s harsh or soft it’ll harm the cloth to a varying degree. Of course, with harsh brush the damage will be a lot.

We don’t recommend using a brush to clean your microfiber cloth because OxiClean solution and warm water is enough to get rid of dirt and grease (if a cloth has which most of the time it has).

However, if for some reason you had to than either use:

  • Extreme soft bristle brush OR
  • A small piece of microfiber cloth

We recommend the later one. Why?

Because when the microfibers of one cloth will meet other cloth which is also microfiber it’ll better clean the cloth. As the fibers are very small in size and thin in nature not a lot of cleaning products will be able to reach every fiber of the cloth and thus a lot of dust and debris will remain untouched.

How Microfiber Cloths End Up Getting Dirty?

As microfiber clothes are used so many times in different purposes like:

  • Car cleaning
  • Laptop cleaning
  • Kitchen slabs and other kitchen accessories etc

It often attract not only dirt but grease and oil too.

That’s how they get dirty and if utilized multiple times will start to accumulate bacteria growth as well.

Wrapping It Up

So now you know that you can definitely use OxiClean to clean your microfiber cloths. You just need patience and a proper way to clean it.

The whole process from start to finish might take you about 5-10 minutes to complete but you’ll be amazed how new your microfiber cloth will look afterwards. OxiClean is the best way to go forward as It’s not only great in removing dirt but also removing every type of stain whether it’s from ketchup, mustard, soya sauce or wine.