Pastry Board With Lip

Pastry Board With Lip [2023 Updated!]

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Pastry boards come in all sort of shapes and sizes but the version with the lip stands out the most.

Pastry board with lip is a perfect tool for making great looking and tasty pastries that everyone can fall in love with.

Below we’ll mention 4 of the best pastry boards with lip that you can invest in right away.

Pastry Board With Lip

Here we have mentioned 5 of the best pastry board with lip:

1.      Zelancio Reversible Wooden Pastry Board – 24″ X 20″ Pastry Board With Engraved Ruler And Pie Board Template, Features Front And Back Counter Lip

If you make your food very perfectly and with a precise measurements than this is the board you should look for.

It has centimeter and inch ruler scales and pie diagrams are also engraved  to assist you better.

2.      IKEA LAMPLIG Home Kitchen Bamboo Chopping Board 18 X 20.75

This product is from IKEA so not a lot to talk about as IKEA has always deliver the best of the best quality in the market so you can buy it without being skeptical.

Bamboo material is used in the making of this pastry board.

3.      John Boos Block Kneb23 Maple Wood

This is a premium quality wood known as maple wood. The good thing about this type of wood is it’s durable and provides many advantages over just the normal wood type. The advantages include:

Another great thing to consider is that maple wood can take a lot of beating and can still remain the same as a new board would be.

4.      Ironwood Gourmet Double-Sided Countertop

This pastry board is made from Acacia wood which is also considered as a premium wood. This board is quite heavy so if you don’t prefer using heavier woods than this is not a great fit for you.

But, if you’re a person who have to work a lot with pastry boards than you should consider using heavy boards as they’re much  better and provides better precision when preparing or cutting food items.

Why Do Pastry Boards Have A Lip?

The purpose of a lip on pastry board is to keep the board stable. Making pastries does require a calm mindset and a stable board for making perfect cuts on your pastries.

If the board is not stable the cut that you’ll make will end up not looking like the way you want them to look like.

What Is The Best Surface For Rolling Out Pastry?

You can use any regular board for rolling out the pastry but we personally recommend lip based board as it’s inclined from the one side making it more ergonomic friendly to use.

Wrapping It Up

So now you know about these options on pastry board with lip. Make sure you invest in the right one so you’ll get comfortable using it.

If you’re transitioning for a normal pastry board to the lip board than we recommend you pick the same or at least similar size so that it remain ergonomic friendly as always.