Can I Use A Paint Brush As A Pastry Brush?

Can I Use A Paint Brush As A Pastry Brush? [2023 Updated!]

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Having a good quality pastry brush can make or break the perfection at the top of your pastries. If you’re using a proper pastry brush chances are the layer you’ll be putting on top of the pastry will be much more even and exciting to see when it completes the baking process.

However, most people have a question if whether the pastry brush is the same as the paint brush.

And that’s what we’re going to cover in this post.

Let’s begin!

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Can I Use A Paint Brush As A Pastry Brush?

Absolutely, you can but there’s a caveat.

Condition #1

If you’re talking about if you can use the same brush for both the purposes than it’s not a good solution. Let’s say you want to use the brush to paint something on the piece of paper and then after about a week you want to use the same brush for pastry making purposes.

This is not a healthy thing to do and is not recommended at all.

Condition #2

If you meant you’ve ordered the paint brush a while ago which haven’t been used for the painting related tasks and is not utilized even once than for sure you can use those brushes for your pastry making tasks.

Are Both The Same?

Yes, both the brushes are made the same way so there’s no harm in using either one of the two. The only condition you need to apply is that you can’t use the same brush simultaneously to fulfill both the purposes of painting and brushing on pastry.

Painting Brush Vs Pastry Brush

If you ever search for pastry brush you’ll find that they’re big in size in comparison to the paint brushes. So if you’re okay in doing multiple back and forth motion than that’s fine. Otherwise, it’s preferable to get only pastry brushes for professional baking.

The Cost Comparison

Let’s compare both the brush prices and see which ones on average costs less.

If you get a pack of small painting brush set than the cost is about $5 on an average. And you don’t get only one instead a few brushes to work with.

While, the actual pastry brush can cost an average of $10 per set on an average as shown in the above products list recommendation section above.

But, as we’re assuming you already have the painting brush so you really don’t have to worry about anything. However, if you haven’t got the pastry brush or if your painting brush is in use in the place where it should have been than consider getting the above given options.

Wrapping It Up

So can you use a paint brush as a pastry brush? Definitely, you can while keeping important things in mind that we’ve already discussed previously. The bottom line is, if you haven’t got a paint brush that you haven’t used consider getting a pastry brush to fulfill the purpose.