Do Popsicles Hydrate You? [3 Points]

Do Popsicles Hydrate You?
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Summer is the best time to eat popsicles.

In summer, people are in want of some way or the other to beat the heat. They all are searching for some way to cool down.

So, the best way to cool down is to eat popsicles.

In recent years, companies have invented many different types of popsicles so that you can choose the one that suits your taste.

In this post however, we’ll be discovering do popsicles hydrate you?

Let’s talk about it…

Do Popsicles Hydrate You?

Popsicles do hydrate you. They are considered a fruit juice which contains almost 100% of water.

It is good to cool down with a popsicle in the hot summer. You can use them to cool down, but they should not be your main source of hydration.

Instead, you should be relying on other healthier options like pure water or fresh fruit juicess.

Keep in mind that most of the teas are diuretic which means even if it feels that they’re hydrating you, they are doing a reverse effect instead on your body.

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How Much You Need To Consume?

Hydration though popsicles depends on the weather outside as well. In winter, about 2 Popsicles will hydrate you. But if it’s summer time, you need to eat around 5 popsicles to get the same effect because of sweating.

The sugar water is absorbed by the body, which contributes to your hydration.

But for the sugar water to be absorbed, you need to consume enough of them to make it worth your while.

A Popsicle at 7 grams of sugar (1 serving) will provide you with about 45 mL of water, which is not worth it. It’s better to consume it as a frozen treat and consider other hydrating items that are healthy.

You Need To Consume Enough

The average person can lose a lot of water by sweating, breathing and urination. This water needs to be replaced or else the body will go into dehydration mode.

When this happens the body can no longer regulate its core temperature and different parts of the body will get affected.

For example, if you are outside on a hot day and are not consuming enough water, you may notice you start to feel cold, even if you are in the sun. This is because your body’s temperature regulation mechanism is compromised.

That means you’ll be required to consume too much of these to get hydrated.

Wrapping It Up

So yes, popsicles do hydrate you but you should be consuming them in moderation.

Because the ingredients are not that healthy and contains water, fruit juice, sugar and flavoring.

And we all know that sugar and artificial flavoring are not good options for health.

When you eat a popsicle, you are hydrating your body which is healthy, but at the same time you’re consuming not much required sugar which is not healthy.

Remember this; there is a difference between eating a popsicle and drinking a glass of water.

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