Why Are Pringles So Addictive?

Why Are Pringles So Addictive? [2023 Updated!]

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Pringles are a go to when it comes to partying with friends and family or watching something on TV like a sports match or a comedy movie.

In this post, we’ll talk about the reasons why are pringles so addictive.

Let’s get started!

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Why Are Pringles So Addictive?

First let’s talk about what are the contents of it:

Pringles contains 42% potato and the rest 58% comes from the combination of flours like corn, rice, wheat starch, emulsifier, vegetable oils, salt and seasoning.

·         Reason #1: Potato + Corn

Just these 2 items potato and corn, are already an addictive combination. And because about 50% of them are in the chips, that’s the 1st reason why pringles are so addictive.

·         Reason #2: The Process

Now this one is the most important one. The process of making pringles chips is different than the rest of the common chips out there.

But how?

Most of the potato chips that we eat are cut and consumed as it’s without grinding the potato.

The reason why pringles chips are so addictive is because of its flavor ofcourse.

And most of the pringles flavor comes from the fact that all the ingredients are first grinded to make a thick paste and then paste is entered in the molded chamber where it’s given a chip like shape.

Most people think that the pringles are original chips and are made from potatoes and are cutted like that right from the potatoes when in reality this is not the case.

This is the main reason why pringles chips taste so good and are addictive for this reason. Because everything is combined in a thick paste first before proceeding.

·         Reason #3: Sugar + Fat + Salt

Pringles should be given an award in this area. They’ve found out a perfect combination of 3 of the essential ingredients which are sugar, fat and salt.

All of these are quite addictive to humans.

·         Reason #4: The Crack

The sound that you get from cracking the pringles chip between your teeth is like music to the ears. The food brands work on every aspect to keep almost all the senses active when consuming there packaged food items. Hearing, seeing, taste, smell and touch.

If you notice, pringles chips do involve all the senses and thus that’s another reason why pringles are so addictive.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know the reasons behind why pringles are so addictive. This can help you stay away from the cravings of pringles and focus on things which matter most in your life.

Pringles are indeed addictive but it should not something to worry about because this isn’t something that you can’t control. The addiction of pringles is not that hard to control comparing to other addictions.

You don’t even need any therapy for that. A quick hack would be to replace the pringles eating habit with salads with your favorite dressing like chicken meat cubes, or if you’re a vegan replace it with cheese.

Although, this technique will work but you’ll have to make some efforts to get it done.