What To Do With Seized Chocolate?

What To Do With Seized Chocolate? [2023 Updated!]

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Chocolate works great in almost all the sweet dishes we consume. Wheather be it ice cream, cakes or donuts. Chocolate is one of the best ingredients you can add.

However, sometimes chocolate becomes in a blob form and you wonder what to do with seized chocolate?

Today, in this post we’ll be covering just that.

What To Do With Seized Chocolate?

It’s not really a problem if your chocolate is seized. As it can get back to the original form via minimal efforts from your side. Follow the below steps to get it done:

  1. Add the seize chocolate in the pot
  2. Put it on stove on a low heat
  3. Put small amount water and stir vigorously until you see it coming back to the original form
  4. You might need to add more water during the process to smoothen the seized chocolate

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How Does The Seized Chocolate Form?

It’s water content inside the chocolate that does that. That’s why it’s always recommended to avoid water contact with your chocolate if you’re not consuming all of it.

Since, water attract the sugar inside chocolate and with this combination a syrup is formed.

And this syrup then attracts the cocoa particles which is why the chocolate seizes.

A Few Precautions

This formation of the grainy texture blob takes a bit of time. It might not be an overnight.

Please note, chocolates like Nutella should be kept in room temperature if it’s cold enough.

If the bottle is refrigerated the water particles can go inside the glass jar and make the chocolate seize.

Where To Store The Chocolate To Avoid It Being Seized?

Where To Store The Chocolate To Avoid It Being Seized?

If you kept the chocolate in freezer this will make the chocolate seize much quicker since when you take the chocolate out of the freezer this will make the water molecules to combine and making drops of water which wasn’t the case earlier.

And when this happens the sugar also attracts and then later cocoa is the last participant making the chocolate in a seize form.

You Can Consume If Regardless…

If you don’t want to work on seized chocolate for some reason to get it back to the original form what you can do is to create a chocolate shake or maybe hot chocolate.

This way you’ll be able to consume the chocolate and serve to others without them knowing


Now that you know what to do with seized chocolate it will make your life much easier as you know what needs to be done.

Furthermore, we’ve provided you with some great options to get new chocolates that you can use in your projects.