Is Microwaving A Sponge Safe?

Is Microwaving A Sponge Safe? [2023 Tips!]

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At present, there are several kinds of sponges that can be used in the kitchen. They are made from different materials, have different colors and shapes. But they all have one thing in common – they are used to clean various surfaces.

One way to keep your sponge clean is by washing it after every use so it doesn’t get too dirty before you can wash it again!

However, are there other ways to clean the sponge as well? How about microwaving a sponge is it safe?

Let’s find out!

Is Microwaving A Sponge Safe?

Wet sponges are a breeding ground for germs. And these germs can cause infections and various diseases.

The best way to clean a sponge is to microwave it after wetting it first on high for one minute.

Microwaving is a great strategy to kill off various germs present inside the sponge but still it can’t kill all of them.

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1.      Doing It Once In A While Is Okay

If you microwave your sponge, it will be clean and fresh every time.

Why? Because microwave ovens kill bacteria. It’s true that microwaves themselves aren’t particularly dangerous; the only thing they destroy is water molecules which in addition kills the bacteria inside sponge.

Microwaving is a great way to get rid of bacteria left on sponges after cleaning them with soap and water—which is what most people do.

2.      Changing A Sponge Is Better

Everyone knows you can clean a sponge in the dishwasher, but did you know that it’s better to change your sponge than to microwave it?

If you microwave your sponge, the heat will expand the pores which will accumulate more bacteria in the long run.

It’s better that you change the sponge. This extra effort will make sure your kitchen stays clean even when you’re not cleaning it rather you’re just investing in new sponges.

3.      Try To See What Impact It Creates

We all know that sponges are for cleaning things, but did you know that you can microwave a sponge? Even though it doesn’t really help to clean up the mess in your kitchen, it is interesting to see what happens when you do.

It turns out that microwaving a sponge makes it expand and puff up. The heat from the microwave causes certain molecules in the sponge to move around more quickly than others, causing the material to expand up to about three times its original size.

But, every sponge is different because every brand is different. So the experience that you’ll get will be far away from the one that you’ll get from your own sponge.

Try to see if this strategy can remove the bad odor or not and what else microwaving the sponge can do.