Why Do New Sponges Feel Wet?

Why Do New Sponges Feel Wet? [2023 Updated!]

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Kitchen sponges are always in use. A sponge is used to clean vessels and utensils in the kitchen.

So, if you want good quality of work, you must be using best quality of kitchen sponges available in the market. Not only that they come with different varieties but also help us in many ways to do our job better.

But some of the sponges are wet even when you’ve just bought them? In this post, we’ll talk about why do new sponges feel wet?

Let’s find out!

Why Do New Sponges Feel Wet?

Sponge is basically a very porous material, with pores that are large in size and with numerous interconnecting pores.

Water gets in through the large pores and then evaporates through the numerous interconnecting pores.

However, this process stays negligible until they come out of their packets.

You feel the new sponge wet because some companies pre-moistened them with sterile water.

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1.      Otherwise Will Look Dull And Unattractive

The next time you’re outside and it starts to rain, look at the people around you. They will all make a dash for the nearest shelter, like a café or shop, and they will do it fast.

You might think this is because they don’t want to get wet. However, there is another reason that we seek shelter when it rains: our brains think we are going to look ugly if we stay out in the rain too long.

But don’t you agree that we look more beautiful in the rain than without?

When sponges become wet they change their appearance dramatically. Their colors are more vibrant and overall they look better.

That’s why these sponge companies purposefully make there sponges moistened so they look attractive in the packet when you’re buying for them.

They’re not ultra-damp but good enough that you’ll feel a bit wet in your hand.

2.      Pre-Moistened With Sterile Water

One of the most popular sponge companies in the world uses sterile water to moisten their sponge product before packaging it. It’s a simple tweak, but one that has helped them maintain a high level of quality control and better looking product in stores.

The sterile water reduces the chance of bacterial growth and allows for further sanitary precautions during production.

They’re not soaked in the sterile water rather they’re just dampened to look more vibrant in color and attractive for the consumers enough that they want to put the packet in their cart as soon as they see them.

3.      Prevents Bacterial Growth

The sponges that are used for dishwashing can be a source of bacterial growth as they are not sterilized before use.

These sponges are better which are pre-moistened because they’ll not allow any bacteria to thrive.

This will help prevent food poisoning from occurring, especially if the sponge is contaminated with harmful bacteria.