Can We Use Steel Plate In Oven For Pizza?

Can We Use Steel Plate In Oven For Pizza? [2023 Updated!]

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If you’re in love with pizza you might have come across trying a steel plate for your pizza just to see how it works.

You might already be using pizza stone for years but let’s compare both and see if the steel plate is a better alternative.

Can We Use Steel Plate In Oven For Pizza?

Absolutely, you can use steel plate for pizza.

Actually, it’s a great alternative to pizza stone. Although, if you prefer soggy center of the pizza stone still wins. But, if you prefer crispier pizza just like the most you can’t go wrong with pizza steel.

The benefit of using steel is that it conducts heat on a large scale which is then transferred to pizza making it crispier from outside and not soggy from the inside.

Plus, the additional point is for the time it takes to cook a pizza.

Best Pizza Steel Options

THERMICHEF by Conductive Cooking Pizza Steel
Artisan Steel – High Performance Pizza Steel
NerdChef Steel Stone

Pizza Steel Vs Pizza Stone Vs Cast Iron Vs Pizza Screen/Crisper

Let’s do comparison between them and see if pizza steel is still better than the rest:

1.      Pizza Steel

  • Cost

On an average you can get pizza steel for about $75 USD.

  • Weight

On the weight side of things pizza steel is much heavier than the rest of the option listed in this post.

  • Durability

Pizza steel is quite durable.

  • Cooking time

The cooking time under pizza steel is quick as compared to pizza stone.

2.      Pizza Stone

  • Cost

On an average you can get pizza stone for about $40 USD.

  • Weight

Weight for pizza stone is much less when compared to pizza steel.

  • Durability

Pizza stone is quite durable as well.

  • Cooking time

Cooking time using pizza stone is less efficient when compared to pizza steel.

Best Pizza Stone Options

3.      Cast Iron

  • Cost

Cost of the cast iron pizza pan is about $35.

  • Weight

Almost the same as pizza stone or maybe 1-2% higher.

  • Durability

Durability of cast iron pizza pans are also great.

  • Cooking time

Cooking time for cast iron is almost the same as pizza stone.

Best Pizza Cast Iron Options

4.      Pizza Screen/Crisper

I’ve put both pizza screen and pizza crisper in this section even though they both are different when you try to get them online.

  • Cost

Pizza screen on an average cost about $10 and for the pizza crisper it can cost about $20.

  • Weight

Both pizza screen and pizza crisper are very lightweight.

  • Durability

Pizza crisper is quite durable but can’t be compared with the other options listed here. But, as for the pizza screen it’s not that durable and the mesh it has can be damaged after a few use especially if not kept properly after use.

  • Cooking time

Cooking time is way beyond any other type simply because it has gap on the bottom of the surface for better heat conduction.

Best Pizza Screener/Crisper Options

Final Words

Now you know if we can use steel plate in over for pizza or not. Actually, it’s way better to use steel plate rather than other items like:

  • Pizza stone
  • Cast iron
  • Pizza screen / crisper

Overall, using steel for pizza wins. But, if you prefer more crispier taste consider pizza screen or also known as pizza crisper.

It has holes in the pan making it absorb heat more and cook the pizza much quicker.

Though, it might make circular crusty shapes at the bottom of the pizza dough making it much more delicious.

Some still might not prefer it some might do. It’s just a personal preference.