Is Sugar A Wet Or Dry Ingredient? [Find Out Now…]

Is Sugar A Wet Or Dry Ingredient?
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Without sugar many of the food items we eat on a daily basis will not exist. Almost all the bakery items are useless without sugar.

Moreover, the delicacies we eat or drink on a regular basis like ice creams, cakes, donuts, tea, coffee and so on will not worth enough without the use of sugar.

For years we know the use of sugar and how important it’s in our daily lives but in today’s post we’ll going to uncover something that might sound strange.

Let’s find out if sugar is a wet or dry ingredient…

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Is Sugar A Wet Or Dry Ingredient?

The sugar comes in both the forms wet and dry. We’ve discussed in detail down below…

The First Form

Initially, sugar is wet when it’s extracted from the sugarcanes. All the juice which is inside a sugar cane sticks are extracted in the form of liquid.

So if we can say the sugar is wet in the first form than this wouldn’t be false.

In fact, you can use the sugar cane juice (or wet sugar) in anything you’d like just the way you use a regular table sugar.

After Processing

After the sugarcane juice is processed via heavy machinery it’s converted to dry sugar which is what we use on a daily basis.

There’s a difference between the brown sugar and white sugar.

Most of us use white sugar because it’s budget friendly and easily available in the market.

But the benefits that you’ll gain using the brown sugar is comparatively more.

It’s also referred to as jaggery.

Melting The Dry Sugar

There are some people who actually melt the white sugar in the pot and adding a little water in it. This sugar liquid can be used instantly in juices and other recipes where you want to prevent unwanted chunks of sugar.

The Brown Sugar Is Also A Bit Wet

The jaggery is also wet in nature. Because it’s a condensed version of the sugarcane juice it’s highly concentrated form of sugar but all natural. Many people store them inn the form of rock because using the powdered form can become wet very easily.

Having a form is recommended if you will not be using it much. If your sugar usage is low than having the jaggery in the rock form will allow you to keep it in the dried form and powder it via blender or by first crushing it with hammer.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know that the sugar is the most nutritious form is actually a bit wet in nature and that’s perfectly okay. Storing it in the rock is better if you’re not using it much. Or if you’re planning to use in the powder form and just make your process much easier than we recommend to store them in places where there’s no sunlight and wet atmosphere otherwise every time you scoop for the jaggery you’ll have to exert a bit more force than what you normally would.

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