Are Twist Ties Recyclable?

Are Twist Ties Recyclable? [2023 Updated!]

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Twist ties are an essential part of any packaged food shipping process. The twist ties are used to close up the plastic bags in which the products will be shipped and keep them secure during transit.

The twist ties are similar to zip tie or also known as a cable tie. These ties have many different uses around the kitchen, for example tying up the garbage bag, cloth on the mason jar or getting all the similar measuring spoons bunched together for easy access.

In this post, we’ll specifically talk about are twist ties recyclable?

Let’s find out!

Are Twist Ties Recyclable?

Not really.

However, they can be recycled under certain circumstances. Most twist ties are made from plastic. In this case, your twist tie will just end up in a landfill.

Most states have a local plastics collection center where you can take your twist tie. Most of these centers have a recycling symbol on their website. So, check the website of the center in your area and you will find out if they accept twist ties.

They’ll check the material of your twist ties and will accept or not accept accordingly.

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1.      If Plastic (Yes)

Recycling twist ties is a great way to upcycle plastic that would otherwise end up in the landfill. But are all twist ties recyclable?

When it comes to twist ties, not all of them are recyclable. Most of the plastic twist ties however, are made of polypropylene, which is one of the most common types of plastic on earth and is recyclable.

Recycling facilities need to be able to identify the type of twist ties they’re dealing with before processing it through their machines. It’s also your duty to notify them about what type of twist ties you’ve prior giving them a bunch of twist ties.

2.      If Plastic + Wire Rod Inside (Might Not)

Recycling plastic twist ties is an easy way to reduce waste, save energy and resources, and help the environment. But what if there’s a wire rod inside of the tie?

If you have ever tried to recycle a plastic twist tie that has some sort of metal inside, then you know how difficult it can be. It takes up valuable space in your recycling bin, while also slowing down the entire process. Some cities will not even accept these types of plastics because they do not want them mixed in with their plastic recycling stream.

3.      If Made From Only Metal (No)

Plastic twist ties are a common sight for securing bags of garbage, but if they’re made from metal they can’t be recycled.

Given the choice between a metal or plastic twist tie, go with the plastic one because they’re much better in terms of recycling.

Although, some recycling facilities will accept metal twist ties but comparatively the number will be lower when compared to plastic ties because plastic is a preferred choice when it comes to recycling.