Forgot To Wash Vegetables Before Cooking

Forgot To Wash Vegetables Before Cooking [2023 Updated!]

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We people can make mistake and forget to wash vegetables before cooking. However, that’s not big of a deal as while cooking almost all of the germs and bacteria will die if cooked properly.

In this post we’ll find out what happens if you’ve consume vegetables without washing them.

Quick Answer

If the vegetables are already cooking and you realize you forgot to wash them, unfortunately there’s not much you can do at that point. Consider boiling them for longer period to kill bacteria or just throw them away.

Forgot To Wash Vegetables Before Cooking

If you’ve consumed vegetables that weren’t washed before than it’s not a big problem. While cooking most of the bacteria will die. But, if you cook a bit to retain all the benefits vegetable has to offer than you can take these few precautions to make sure you’re not affected by bacteria residing on the skin of vegetables:

·         Eat slowly

When you eat slowly all the nutrients absorb properly in your body. All the vitamins, minerals and bacteria fighting elements are nourished and given a proper chance of carrying out the process necessary for repairing.

·         Stay hydrated

When you’re hydrated enough the harmful chemicals and bacteria all are flush out through sweat glands, urine or by other means.

·         Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

Most people don’t consider the power of sleeping. In simple terms:

Sleeping = Healing.

Sleeping is the best way to remove toxins from the body and clean from the inside out. When you’re at rest your body carries out processes necessary for cleaning.

·         Watch your stress levels

Taking stress does nothing, more than just firing up the bacteria and make it more powerful. The moment you take stress, these bacteria get a chance to win as at that moment you’re weak.

Product Recommendations You Can Try

If you make this mistake every so often we encourage you to try canned food which is already properly washed in bulk and in every process of the way they ensure hygiene to be the number 1 priority for them.

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Green Giant Vegetable Blend
Del Monte Canned Mixed Vegetable

The Best Strategy You Can Follow…

The best strategy not to forget washing vegetables is by following this simple tip:

As soon as you brought up the vegetables from the market, put the shoppers close to your sink in your kitchen.

This way you’re forcing yourself to not to forget washing your vegetables.

Wash all of the vegetables and package them in different baskets. Now, if you forgot to wash and clean the vegetables when cooking you’re sure you’ve already cleaned them before.

It’s better you wash them again at the time of cooking but, that’s not necessary anymore.

When You Usually Make A Mistake?

Usually you forget to wash vegetables when you’re in a hurry and wanted to quickly make a meal because you want to go somewhere outside.

So the best way you can follow is the above strategy to make sure washing them right away the moment the vegetables arrive.


Now that you know what you can do if you forgot to wash vegetables before cooking and also consumed it.