Should You Wash Carrots Before Eating?

Should You Wash Carrots Before Eating? [2023 Updated!]

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Carrot is not only great for your skin but also help in eyesight as well. Eating seasonal carrots can help you a lot in maintaining good health.

Sometimes we deliberately practice this or sometimes we forget and consume carrots without washing them.

So in this post we’ll talk about should you wash carrots before eating or not?

Should You Wash Carrots Before Eating?

The short answer is, YES. The reason behind is that carrots are grown in the soil and thus contains many dust and debris which should be removed before eating.

Most of the carrots which you get from the market are already washed and ready to be consumed but, it’s better you wash them again just in case.

The hairs on the carrot skin are hard to wash thus, it’s better you peel of the skin or use a spoon for scraping so you don’t really get rid of all the skin as it’s quite rich in vitamins and minerals.

Some people don’t like the taste of carrot skin as it’s slightly bitter in that case you can scrape the skin using a vegetable skin peeler and get rid of all the harmful bacteria might be sticking on the walls of the carrot.

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Orange Carrot Vs Red

Orange Carrot Vs Red

There are some type of carrots usually the ones which are less hairy like the orange carrot (in comparison with the red carrot) can be consumed raw or in combination with food without washing.

The reason behind is since the hairs are not present on the skin of the carrot the less dirt is on it. So when the vegetable vendor wash them off or soak them in the water, the moment they do this action almost all of the dirt is removed.

The Technique

The best option for you to wash carrot is when you first brought them home that’s the best option and this way you can’t ever forget to wash them because you get it done the very first time.

Insects Can Be Seen But Bacteria…

Cleaning carrots should be necessary as they are grown inside the dirt which means it can have many sorts of bacteria and tiny insects which you might not be aware of.

Insects can be seen but germs can’t so it’s better you thoroughly wash them before consuming.


There should be responsibility applied on the person who’s taking care of the kitchen to wash the carrots and other vegetables as well before cooking a meal.

Even though most of the bacteria can’t survive during the cooking part but still should be done to avoid any confusions.


So the answer to the question: Should you wash carrots before eating?

Is Yes, and this should not only be restricted to carrots but, for other vegetables as well.