What Kind Of Rug Is Best For Kitchen? [3 Considerations]

What Kind Of Rug Is Best For Kitchen?
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All civilized civilizations decorate their homes. In fact, the way a house is decorated gives a strong hint about the taste, preferences, and culture of its occupants. In the past decade, kitchen rugs have become a part of the kitchen furniture, and homeowners have been incorporating them in their kitchens for a fresh and contemporary look.

A kitchen rug is basically a piece of carpet, which is used to cover the floor surface of the kitchen. It sits under the feet and is usually placed in front of the sink, stove, and counter space, and sometimes even the table.

In this post, we’ll talk about what kind of rug is best for kitchen?

Let’s find out!

What Kind Of Rug Is Best For Kitchen?

There are different types of rugs for kitchen.

If the kitchen is large, the natural fiber rugs like wool, coir, jute etc are best. For small kitchens, kitchen rugs of synthetic fibers like nylon, polypropylene, microfiber etc are best.

Natural fiber rugs are beautiful, but they are not durable. Rugs of synthetic fibers are more durable than natural fiber rugs.

However, our #1 recommendation is to go with flat-weave rugs.

They’re much better and easier to clean.

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1.      Go For A Thin Rug

The rug is an important element of the interior which is also very functional. It draws the attention and aesthetics, it is also a place to stand, to rest. If you want to buy a rug for your kitchen, think about the thickness of the material.

It is important that the rug is not too thick, otherwise it’ll become messy in a short amount of time due to water and food spill. To select the right rug for your kitchen, you need to understand the size of the room and where you intend to place it.

2.      Mid Colored

The problem with kitchen rugs is that sometimes, they get dirty. They get dirty because they get walked on a lot, and they get walked on a lot because they’re in a high traffic area.

The kitchen is a high traffic area, which makes sense if you think about it.

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and they cook, which means they get dirty.

And when the kitchen gets dirty, the kitchen rug gets dirty. White and black colors are a strict no-no colors when it comes to kitchen rugs.

Go for mid options like dark grey, dark brown, light grey, or light brown etc.

3.      Avoid Furs

Fur rugs are beautiful. They add a sense of luxury to your home, and they are incredibly warm. However, furs are very susceptible to stains, and this can lead to some very bad consequences. A good example of this is the kitchen.

If you choose to install a fur rug in your kitchen, you will be setting yourself up for a lot of headaches.

For starters, the fur is very easy to stain. If you spill anything on it, it will be very hard to get out. You may not even notice the stain until it is too late, and by then, the rug will need to be replaced.

What’s worse is that this spill may not happen when you are in the kitchen. If you have pets in your home, they may urinate in the rug when you are not at home. This will lead to a very bad smell that will be nearly impossible to get rid of.

You will need to throw that rug away, and then you will have to find a replacement. For this reason, if you are thinking of buying a fur area rug for your kitchen, you should think again. They are not worth the trouble.

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