2023 Must-Try: Is There a Rice That Tastes Like Popcorn? [4+ Types]

Is There a Rice That Tastes Like Popcorn
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Rice is a staple food in many cultures worldwide, with different varieties showcasing unique flavors and aromas. Among these, Jasmine rice stands out for its delicate fragrance, commonly grown in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. But have you ever wondered if there’s a rice variety that tastes like popcorn? Interestingly, some rice varieties possess a popcorn-like aroma and flavor when cooked. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of rice and discover which types come closest to the beloved popcorn taste.

Certain rice types like jasmine, Louisiana popcorn rice, and specific long grain brown rice varieties have a popcorn-like aroma and flavor when cooked due to natural aromatic compounds like 2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline.

Louisiana Popcorn rice, a basmati hybrid, offers a delightful combination of popcorn aroma and nutty flavor, providing a unique twist to meals. These rice options provide a pleasant alternative for those seeking a popcorn-inspired culinary experience.

Cooked Basmati Rice: A Popcorn-Like Aroma

One of the closest contenders to popcorn-like flavor in rice is Basmati rice. Although famous for its long grains and delicate aroma, Basmati rice can also surprise your taste buds with its popcorny smell when cooked. The aroma is somewhat reminiscent of the beloved movie snack, which adds an exciting twist to your rice dishes.

Long Grain Brown Rice: A Popcorny Taste and Smell

Long grain brown rice is another variety that deserves mention when talking about rice with a popcorn-like taste and smell. When cooked, this rice exudes a delightful nutty fragrance, similar to popcorn. The rich flavor of long grain brown rice enhances the overall dining experience, making it a popular choice for health-conscious individuals and those who appreciate a unique taste.

Popping Grains: Barley, Rice, Quinoa, and Amaranth

Popping Grains: Barley, Rice, Quinoa, and Amaranth

Believe it or not, not only corn kernels can be transformed into fluffy, crunchy popcorn. Several other grains can undergo a similar popping process, turning them into delightful snacks. Some of these grains include:

  • Barley: Though not technically a rice, barley can be popped just like popcorn, resulting in a tasty and wholesome treat.
  • Rice: Not all rice types can be popped, but certain varieties like Popcorn rice from Louisiana can be prepared to mimic the texture of popcorn.
  • Quinoa: The beloved superfood quinoa can also be popped to create a nutritious and crunchy snack.
  • Amaranth: This ancient grain can be popped like popcorn and provides a nutty, earthy flavor that’s hard to resist.

What Is Louisiana Popcorn Rice?

Louisiana Popcorn rice is a specialty rice variety that hails from the beautiful state of Louisiana, USA. This fragrant rice is actually a basmati hybrid, combining the delightful popcorn-like aroma of basmati with its own unique nutty flavor. The result is a rice that not only smells like popcorn but also boasts a delightful taste, elevating any meal it accompanies.

What Kind of Rice Tastes Like Popcorn?

If you’re specifically seeking a rice that tastes like popcorn, look no further than Popcorn rice, grown primarily in Louisiana. This unique variety possesses a nutty flavor with the distinct popcorn-like aroma, making it a true delight for food enthusiasts.

Why Does Jasmine Rice Taste Like Popcorn?

The reason behind the popcorn-like taste in some rice varieties, including jasmine rice, lies in the natural aromatic compounds present in the rice plant. In the case of jasmine rice, its popcorny aroma can be attributed to the infusion of pandan leaves during its cultivation and processing. These leaves impart a delicate fragrance to the rice, giving it that characteristic popcorn-like smell.

Does Basmati Rice Smell Like Popcorn?

Does Basmati Rice Smell Like Popcorn

Indeed, both basmati and jasmine rice are particularly aromatic, which contributes to their popcorn-like smell when cooked. The key compound responsible for this phenomenon is called 2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline, found in higher concentrations in these aromatic rice varieties. The presence of this compound is what sets them apart from other types of rice.

Can You Pop Basmati Rice?

Absolutely! Basmati rice is an excellent choice if you want to prepare puffed rice at home. When popped, basmati rice transforms into a delightful, crunchy snack that can rival traditional popcorn. The long grains of basmati rice add an extra layer of elegance to your puffed rice creation.


While not all rice varieties taste exactly like popcorn, some do offer a popcorn-like aroma and flavor that can surprise and delight your taste buds. Basmati rice, with its cooked aroma, and Long grain brown rice, with its nutty fragrance, provide unique alternatives for those seeking a rice experience reminiscent of the beloved movie snack. Additionally, specialty rice varieties like Popcorn rice from Louisiana offer a fantastic combination of popcorn aroma and nutty taste. So, if you ever want to venture beyond the traditional popcorn experience, why not try one of these popcorn-flavored rice varieties and elevate your culinary journey? Happy cooking!

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